Thursday, June 08, 2006

what I wanted for my 10th birthday

I don't think I got much of this, no surprise! I even marked all the relevant page numbers on my list, too...probably from the Sears catalog. Just as I wrote it out...

Big hall Dump Truck $5.88
Evel with stunt cycle $7.97
Unycycle $9.99
stilts $4.99
Ant city $5.29
slides $7.66
styro stone kit $8.99
Voice of Mummy $7.33
Table Tennis $7.79
Pivot Pool $12.97
Sub Search $5.88
Magic Window $2.99
Charle MaCarthy $9.97
Hound Dog
Pocket size set chess $1.49
Space Probe $5.99
Labyrnith $9.99
Magnetrix $6.99

Not counting "hound dog," which I didn't price out, the total is:

$112.16, a lot for 1975! I don't remember what, if anything, of this I got, but I do remember, though, getting the Ant City. I couldn't find ants big enough to go in there, so they were always getting out. Then Dusty knocked the thing off the 2d-floor back porch and Ant City was "awae," as the Scottish say!