Saturday, June 24, 2006

being female

Carroll at 12I've never been sorry that I was born female. I've been fortunate that I was never pushed by my parents into being anything but whatever I wanted. My father has always liked motorcycles, and he though I would like them as well, girl or not. So I started that at 6. And I always was an adventurous person, climbing rocks; wearing cowboy boots, hats, and guns; and being Batman, complete with cape, helmet, and Batmobile. I even set out with a rope one day, to find the end of the rainbow. I didn't get far before giving that venture up.

Physically I don't mind being female, except for the hassle (the pain, the inconvenience, the effects of mood, etc.) of menstruation. I wish I could tell my body, "I really appreciate your efforts, but I don't really need them now. If I do need your services, I'll let you know."

One nice thing about being female is that some of the things I like to do have never really been the province of females, like sports, motorcycle riding, going to bicycle rodeos, exploring, and drumming. Even though there are more girls now in sports and in pipe band drumming, the ratio is still lower than with males...especially in the drumming world: I'm in my second pipe band now where I'm the only female in the entire band.