Thursday, June 08, 2006

drumming career thwarted at Christmas

In seventh grade, my family went to Christmas at my mother's parents' house, in Johnson City, Tennessee. Having just joined band at Waverly Junior High School (TN), I wanted to play drums (well, saxaphone at first, but the person I sat by was so terrible that I never wanted to play sax again).

My parents couldn't afford the $350 marching snare drum I needed, very disappointingly. But I had high hopes that Santa Claus might could bring me one. Here's the note I wrote him:

Dear Santa Claus,

Do you happen to have a silver-sparkle parade drum like they use in Waverly in parades and at school? It's like Andy Oglesby's and Joey Rumsey's. I would give you all my presents and candy for this year and next year. You could give the presents + candy to people who don't get any. It would make me very, very happy!!! I'd rather have it than anything! Thank you!!! Love,


P.S. Do you have a spare dog collar? And do you have any way or any advice on how to make me feel happier at school? It's getting better I think.

I didn't get the drum, and I wasn't much happier at school, either. I probably should admit that I was hoping that one of many relatives would donate some money and help Santa out! I think my feelings were hurt a bit by not getting a drum, especially given that impassioned (and sincere) note.