Thursday, November 08, 2007

LONG (O' Longaigh)

The Longs in Ireland will have a number of differing origins for their names. Some will be the descendants of English, Scottish, and Norman origin. The Norman de Long and le Lung arrived in the 12th century with the Anglo-Norman conquest and established in numerous locations. A number of Irish Gaelic septs of O/ Longain and O/ Longaig will contribute to the origin of the name. One sept was located in Co. Armagh., but the greater numbers were in Co. Cork at Cannovee and also at Moviddy. The Longs lost all their lands in the upheaval of the 17th century. The name is found in its greatest numbers in Munster, Co. Cork being most favored. The line of direct descent from the last elected Chieftain to the presebt day is unbroken--the official title is styled "O'Long of Carrenelongy."

NAME MEANING: "Seafarer."