Monday, November 05, 2007

Frasier sings "Buttons and Bows"

Hilarimous squared! Sing along!

East is East, and West is West,
And the wrong one I have chose.
Lets go where, you'll keep on wearing those
Dah, dah, dahs and boppa dohs.
Things and buttons and buttons and bows.

Don't bury me, ah, ah, lovely pea.
Ah, something, la, la, la.
Lets all go to a (beat) taco show.
And a shushing and frushing, pull my nose.
Young man, buttons and bows.

I'll love you in buckskin la da da da da-da da.
Ha, ha; ha, ha, ha!

My bones denounce, the fearful trounce and the la la la, Moldic Rose.
Vada seuss, a palm caboose and a danda hop and pantyhose
You're a buppity, buttons and bows!