Tuesday, November 13, 2007

banning young motorcycle riders in MA

I was riding a 250cc motorcycle by the age of 12. I think it should be up to parents to decide and supervise what their children do motorcycle-wise.

A Massachusetts state lawmaker believes kids don't have any business riding motorcycles or ATVs, and he wants to ban them from doing so.

Rep. Matthew Patrick (D-Barnstable) has introduced House Bill 3592 to ban kids 13 or younger from riding motorcycles or ATVs anywhere in the state--even in their own back yards. The bill also would limit kids ages 14 and 15 to machines with 90cc or smaller motors.

Howard Konopka and Scott Byron are just two Massachusetts residents who have written to the lawmaker to oppose the proposed ban.

The bill "would not prevent the irresponsible use of these vehicles by those most prone to injury--i.e. children of parents too irresponsible to have their children properly trained or otherwise supervised," Konopka wrote. Instead, he said, it "would penalize those families that have taken appropriate action to protect their children...and who want their children to participate before the age of 16."

You can express your opposition to the bill by going to the AMA Rapid Response Center at www.AMADirectlink.com.