Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm more scared by her lips than by her chest! Mistress Rhiannon:

Mistress RhiannonRhiannon, whose 4,100-cubic centimeter, 48MMM tits each weigh approximately ten pounds, began her bust-enhancement odyssey in 1991, and has since had 30 surgeries on her right breast alone. "I went in for a boob job like some people go to get their teeth cleaned," says the raven-haired star of Cleavage Dreams, who looks like Elvira, if the horror-movie hostess had two beach-ball size mams popping out of her chest, along with large quantities of silicone and fat injected into her lips. "There's something about my personality that big is never big enough. If I'm going to do it, I'm going all the way."

and Melonie Charm:

Melonie CharmMelonie Charm, a big-bust model who resides in upstate New York, has also had multiple breast surgeries, as well as a tummy tuck and the fat transferred from her belly into her lips. While the operations have primarily been a career move for Charm, she understands the psychological attraction of cosmetic surgery. "[Plastic surgery] does make you feel better," says Charm, who transformed her natural 34C breasts into 50JJJs. "It gives you more self-esteem—you look better, you're more confident, but that doesn't last forever. Some people who are not truly happy with themselves—they get plastic surgery. They feel good for awhile, and then they want to fix something else, or they want to get it redone."