Monday, February 05, 2007

Man vs. Wild: savannah survival

In Africa, not Georgia, that is!

Things I learned:

1. Lions: can't outrun them...stand tall, wave arms, clap, etc. to try to bluff them away.
2. Rhinos: Stand ground till last second and dive away. Run for cover.
3. Elephants: can't see well, so run fast and make sharp turns out of their paths.
4. Hippos: the most dangerous animals. Never get in the water with them. Best bet for crossing is in running, shallow water.
5. Puff adders: Hard to see, though can hear them, and very poisonous when happened upon.

Good to travel in water when in ravines and denser forests...leopards may be around.

Follow water often in the savannah, water flows downhill and then disappears abruptly into an aquifer. Go upstream to find the source, where civilization often will be.

The blackjack plant makes a good mosquito repellant when burned.

Elephant dung is a source of liquid when squeezed.

Viable meat is meat that vultures are hanging around: they eat only fresh meat. No bad smell, no maggots.

Don't drink stagnant water. Not worth the risk of debilitating parasites, etc. Animal trails lead to drinkable water.

Aloe is a good topical treatment of cuts and burns.