Monday, February 26, 2007

surviving Alaskan wilderness

If climbing, take your time. Let your legs take a lot of pressure, instead of arms, which will tire out much more quickly.

If trouble with grizzly, grab a stick and try to poke it in the eyes.

Alaskan devilclub plants are spiky and hard to get through, but are great sources of ginseng.

Follow stream down to river. When crossing streams, face upstream against the flow.

In Alaska, coastline is best place to find help.

If no fishing line, can make spear from tree. A Y-shaped spear end is nice...can use to hold down fish while reach down to pick it up. Key to being successful in fishing is patience. Watch out for fishing bears.

Salmon skin is thin and not with many scales...very good source of fat.

Caves are good shelters, but might already have careful.

Shellfish available on rocks at low tide: must be cooked before eating, though.

Good wood for burning is wood that cracks audibly when breaking.

If on coastline, make signal fire for boats. Evergreen branches will smoke profusely, making a visible white smoke background against the dark background of trees. be continued, when I finish the episode...