Saturday, November 11, 2006

"The Queen"

The QueenI saw "The Queen" today, with Helen Mirren, James Cromwell, et. al. I thought Mirren did a great job, but I didn't really understand the point of the movie, other than its being at attempt to show that someone could do a job imitating Queen Elizabeth II. Other than that, the movie (and definitely its soundtrack) could've done just fine on television. I didn't think there was much substance to the movie: it wasn't insubstantial, of course, but was, I thought, unsubstantial.

Here's Roger Ebert's review of the movie: I do agree that it was interesting to see the queen doing unqueenly like things, like driving her Range Rover, talking car mechanics with the Balmoral support staff, admiring a dead stag, etc.