Tuesday, July 25, 2006


frisbeeI never had a cool nickname when I was growing up. My mother called me "Sister Sue" all the time, which I didn't like. At one point I asked my family to call me "Frisbee," and they just laughed and laughed. So that was that on that front.

In school I was called "Carroll the Barrel," even though I bore no resemblance in shape or heft to a barrel. That nickname mortified me no end, though. In high school someone started calling me "Hard-on," a play on my maiden name "Hardin." That name didn't bother me at all, since by that age, I knew that the name-caller was the one who sounded like a dolt! In college, someone figured out that nickname but was "kind" enough to not pass it around. He had a crush on me, so that worked in my favor in this case!