Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Confederation of Tchoutacabouffa

My current Facebook "Nations" status:

The Confederation of Tchoutacabouffa is governed by President Carroll Atlee Hardin Cadden. In Tchoutacabouffa, each citizen has one vote, but only the votes of wealthy land owners are actually counted. Personal computers are given to each citizen and children are taught to type at the age of 12 months. Health care is available to any citizen whose personal insurance is accepted by the medical community.

Norfolk Islands flagNorfolk Islands flag, which I chose because of the pine tree, common in Tchoutacabouffa

Public safety is a growing concern and many citizens have taken to only traveling in packs and try to tread softly. Military techniques have finally been upgraded in Tchoutacabouffa and soldiers are taught to fight with sticks and stones. Any citizen may practice any religion, but no public policy may be passed solely on the moral obligations of any one religion. Education in Tchoutacabouffa is of great importance and vouchers are given to any student who cannot afford schooling.

Conservation issues drive this nation's production of vehicles that run completely on human waste. Privatization of corporations and free market are new concepts developing in this country, and many feminist movements have butted heads with masculine movements, spurring this nation's first 'Peoplist Movement'.

Recent News in Tchoutacabouffa

The government has replaced traffic lights with police officers, which has greatly improved the commute for those who have enough to bribe themselves through intersections.

Terrorists in Tchoutacabouffa have been thwarted, and Carroll Atlee Hardin Cadden has handed them over to the judicial system so that a fair trial can be arranged.

This government has enacted minimum wage laws, forcing corporations to pay more to their employees and thus preventing the unionization of the nation's work force.