Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hurricane Katrina debris removal in Biloxi

The numbers are regarding Katrina storm debris removed from the city of Biloxi.According to debris-monitoring firm Neel-Schaffer, the city's FEMA-supported debris removal effort, which ended Aug. 29 and had a price tag of more than $81.5 milion, saw 2.98 million cubic yards of debris removed from the city. That's enough debris to cover a football field and stand 139.7 stories high.

The breakdown on the debris:

  • Burnable: 458,390 cubic yards.
  • Concrete, non-burnable: 2.488 million cubic yards.
  • Appliances: 33,391 cubic yards.
  • Electronics: 534 cubic yards.
To see more details on the debris-removal efforts in Biloxi, click here.