Tuesday, August 21, 2007

quitting-smoking's benefits

Q. How long after I quit smoking are there benefits?

1. 20 minutes: blood pressure

Sooner than you think. According to healthbolt.net, after a few minutes your blood pressure returns to normal levels.
2. two days: taste and smell
Keep it up for 48 hours and your senses of smell and taste return, while your risk of having a heart attack begins to decrease.
3. three days: bronchial tubes
After 72 hours the bronchial tubes relax and your overall energy levels begin to increase. You can walk up stairs again!
4. one year: heart disease
In 12 months the probability of having a heart attack drops by half.
5. five years: stroke
At this point the likelihood of your brain getting punked returns to that of a nonsmoker.
6. ten years: lung cancer
After a decade your odds of a death sentence return to non-smoker status. Five more years and your heart attack risk falls to ordinary levels.